Great News For Alberta Fire Departments

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the accelerant for Emergency Reporting


Incident History

Moving to a better way to record Incidents is much better if you preserve your history.

Training History

Training information moving forward is more valuable if you can view the history.

Fire Codes

Typing Fire Codes into ER is time consuming and error prone. Let us show you how we can save you time.

AIM Systems & Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting is the best and most widely used reporting tool for fire departments and emergency services.

AIM Systems provides implementation and integration assistance to expedite moving your existing history into Emergency Reporting.

We’ve enjoyed particular success with:

          • recovering Incident History

          • recovering Training History

          • converting provincial and national Fire Codes

We like to think of AIM Systems as the accelerant for Emergency Reporting  

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About AIM Systems 

AIM Systems has been providing computer systems solutions to our clients since 1985. That's over 30 years of analysis, innovation and re-invention. Much of that time has been spent helping clients deal with acute and often painful problems. Our preference however is to help identify problems before they become acute; then fashion a solution of avoidance. Its an approach that is less painful, less frustrating, and much less expensive.

Since 2020, we’ve been focusing a great deal of attention on implementation and training solutions to help fire departments move to Emergency Reporting. You’ll see some of these solutions noted above but if you have a particular need we’ll respond quickly to an email or phone call.

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